Epic of Macedon

The Epic of Macedon is the best-known "world creation" myth that exists among the peoples of Terracopia. It seeks to explain how the god Helios created the gods of the Court of Heaven and how the gods (and their creations) were forced out of the First Lands and Waters.

Interestingly, the Epic of Macedon is one of the few myths in which Helios is given a persona. In most other myths, Helios is a silent, distant, and angry god.

The Epic is typically told thus:

Gather around and listen to a tale from the Epic of Macedon.

We are the offspring of Helios, our Creator and Destroyer, He from whom all Life and Death flows forever. He is a tempestuous God.

Once, through the oceans of time, there was only Helios. Helios was born from the Great Nothingness, and drifted through the Great Nothingness, and burned through the Great Nothingness, alone and cold.

In this time the sky was a blackness save only the light of Helios. After a time, Helios was tired of being alone and cold. From His weight He gave birth to the eldest of the Gods, Iup and his sister, Hekata, called Saturna of old.

That is how the Court of Heaven came to be. It is the beginning of our story, for Iup and Hekata created the other Gods.

For a time, the Court of Heaven was a peaceful place and the Gods worked together to create Life of their own. They made the First Waters and the First Lands upon the Waters, which is where we come from. Helios' light spread over the waters, and it was good.

But the Gods within the Court of Heaven were capricious and stubborn, prone to fighting. So it came to pass that War reigned within the Court of Heaven. This war touched upon all the lands where Helios' light landed.

The Gods grew arrogant and sought to steal Helios' power for themselves.

They failed.

Helios was wroth at this betrayal. He roared, "By attempting to steal my power, you are unworthy of even its smallest figment!" He lit his power throughout the Court of Heaven. Many were the deaths of Gods that day.

His anger lit upon the First Lands, burning away the people and the grasses. It lit upon the First Waters, boiling them away.

The remaining Gods were dismayed and rebuked by the anger of Helios and sought to save their creations from ultimate destruction. They raced to escape from the Great Father's anger.

In secret they built a great ark. Into it they placed the young, the strong, and the smart. Twenty count of each animal they also hid away, for the ark was enormous. It was set adrift.

Over the oceans of time the ark sailed, waiting for the day when the anger of Helios would cool. Many trials were visited upon the ark and its captain and inhabitants. For a thousand thousand years we sailed, always searching.

Eventually, we came to the New Waters, and the New Lands, the archipelago which men and dragons call "Terracopia", the bountiful land.

And here we remain.