Broadly speaking, languages within Terracopia can be divided geographically. Regional languages (such as Ingvaeonic) will be commonly spoken by most intelligent creatures in the region, especially if those creatures engage in commerce. The languages of Latin and Simple Kraith are the only ones that have penetrated through the entire archipelago.

Goblinoid species will likely have only one or two members of their tribe or clan that can speak a common language.

Major Languages


Arabic is a common language that is spoken and understood through all islands of Terracopia but its usage is most common in the southeastern islands, particularly in Giza, Aksum, and Gilead. It is present but rare in the northern islands, mostly limited to the Caliphate of Andalusia.

The written form of Arabic is written right-to-left. It's numerals are used in almost all common languages.

Atlan (Elvish)

Atlan is most commonly spoken among the elves of Atlantis, though it is known and understood by nearly every elf in Terracopia. For the Atlan, it is the primary (and often only) language known. The Kahlan elves teach the language but they do not necessarily speak it in their local communities.

The written form of Atlan is read left-to-right and utilizes its own characters and glyphs, which are shared with the Kraith language.


Castilian is a common language spoken in the western part of the archipelago, especially in Catala and Terra Lusa.

The written form of Castilian uses Latin glyphs and Arabic numerals.


Igbo is a common language spoken primarily in the southern islands of Songhai and Asante.


Ingvaeonic is a common language spoken throughout the North Western archipelago, especially Neuland, Belgica, and Aquitania, but also in Iberia. It has several dialects with drift typically falling along island borders.

The written form of Ingvaeonic uses Latin glyphs and Arabic numerals.

Kraith (Dwarvish)

Kraith is a bi-polar language that takes two main forms: High Kraith and Simple Kraith.

High Kraith is an very flowery and poetic language, known for excessive use of adjectives and broad vocabulary. The kraith culture prizes the well-spoken and the language reflects this.

Simple Kraith is a much more formal, clipped version of the language and is used in business and contracts. This is the language that non-Kraith will typically learn because it is advantageous in business dealings.

The written form of Kraith uses glyphs from ancient Atlan.

Latin (Common)

Latin is a common language spoken in all of Terracopia. It is spoken and understood (in some form or other) in every island or culture. Latin's ascendency comes from the Empire Romae, which spread all over the world at one point or other.

Latin glyphs are used by most written forms of the northern languages.

Macedonian (Orcish)

Macedonian is the language spoken throughout Macedonia and by all Orcs. It is an old language, given to flowery and poetic statements. Macedonian has 300 words or phrases to describe "rain" or "clouds", which is odd given that the climate of Macedonia is arid. For instance, the word "Shoshone" means "The clouds that have spent their rain and are looking for peace."

The written form of Macedonian uses unique glyphs and numerals.

Minor Languages

Do-Thoi (Giantish)

Do-Thoi is the language spoken by the Thoin, or giants. Do-Thoi is a deeply fluid language, capable of incredibly nuanced and complex thought expression.

Do-Thoi has its own written glyph and numeric system.

Druhk (Goblinoid)

Druhk the language most commonly spoken by the children of Ba'al: goblins, kobolds, ogres and the like.

In its written form, Druhk is a pictographic language, though in more modern times some have started using Latin characters and Arabic numerals.

E'ee-tha (Birdfolk)

The E'ee-tha language is a complex language made of chirps, whistles, screeches, and somatic components. It is the language of the E'ee-tha. It is impossible for non-E'ee-tha to speak it.

E'ee-tha has no written form.


Norsk is a minor language that is common in Nordland. It is the primary language spoken by the denizens of that island. Norsk uses its own glyphs, which are very pictographic.

Rhuk (Draconic)

Rhuk, or Roa, is the language of Dragons. It is can be understood by non-dragons with deep study. However, the act of speaking words in Rhuk often causes severe physical distress in non-dragons (a DC 15 constitution save or 1d4 points of damage per word spoken).

There is no written form of Rhuk.

Dead Languages

Atlan (Ancient)

Ancient Atlan is the language used by the Atlan elves of the Old Kingdom. It's usage died out over time after the fall of the Old Kingdom. It survives only in ancient elvish ruins, though the written form of the Kraith language uses the same glyphs.

Ancient Atlan is usually written vertically and read bottom-to-top, though there are instances where it is read horizontally.