Rule Modifications

When using Terracopia as a setting for Dungeons and Dragons, some adjustments must be made to the core rules in order to fit the setting. Chiefly, this involves various species and extra-dimensional magick. A list of changes follows.

Race Modifications

Many races as described in the Player's Handbook simply do not exist as they do not fit the themes presented in the Terracopian setting.


In Terracopia, the dwarf equivalent is the Kraith. The Kraith are a complex, secretive society and do not spend much time above ground. Nearly every kraith eventually suffers from episodes of catatonic dementia known as kraithfog.

All Kraith are Mountain Dwarves. There are no hill dwarves, duergar, or derro in the Terracopia setting - there are just mountain dwarves with different alignments and motivations.

Note that the word "dwarf" is an insult term.


The history of elves in Terracopia is one of evil, slavery, and empires. Once the most powerful culture in the world, the elves have been reduced to in number and split into two tribes: the Atlan and the Kahlan. Player characters can only choose to be Kahlan elves. Kahlan elves use the same stat modifications as Wood Elves. There are no permanent Kahlan settlements as few sovereign states allow them to set roots.

Elves are extremely rare, but if encountered, they will likely be in encountered in groups. Most people in Terracopia view all elves with suspicion and even outright hatred or fear, and the known presence of Atlan elves anywhere except Atlantis is usually treated as a military emergency.

There are no drow in Terracopia. Atlan elves use the statistic modification of High Elf.


There are no halflings in Terracopia. This race cannot be chosen.


Humans are by far the most numerous species in Terracopia. None of the "human variants" listed in the Player's Handbook are available as none of those cultures exist in Terracopia.


There are no dragonborn in Terracopia. This race cannot be chosen.


There are no gnomes in Terracopia. This race cannot be chosen.


All half-elves will be the product of a human and a Kahlan elf. There are no human/Atlan crossbreeds as the Atlan are forbidden (culturally and magically) from breeding with "lesser filth".

Half-Orc / Orc

While Terracopia has Orcs and plenty of them, they are not capable of inter-breeding with other species. Thus, only "full-blooded" orcs may be chosen. Use the same statistics as a Half-Orc, but ignore everything in the Player's Handbook about their culture or acceptance.

In Terracopia, Orcs are a proud, resourceful people who have thier own thriving and self-sufficient kingdom, the Kingdom of Macedonia.


Terracopia does not have demons, devils, or tieflings. This race cannot be chosen.

Class Modifications


No changes required in the base version of the class. The Path of the Totem Warrior will gain its powers from the Old Gods and the spirits must be chosen from their number.


No changes required.


As far as the rules go, there are no changes required for clerics. However, know that the gods (if they exist at all) do not manifest often or make their wills known. Most people believe that the "gods" are powerful elemental spirits who grant power to those who worship them. See Religion for a list of gods and their domains.


All druids are servants of the Old Gods (in sum, not individuals). There are no functional changes to the character class.


No changes required.


No changes required.


No changes required. However, paladins have the same issues as clerics regarding their choice of deity.


No changes required to the base class, however the list of "favored enemy" possibilities is decreased and contains only aberrations, beasts, constructs, elementals, fey, giants, monstrosities, oozes, plants, and undead. Humanoid race choices are limited to the races that exist in Terracopia (so no gnolls or bugbears, for instance).


No changes required.


Sorcerers are by far the most common of spellcasters in Terracopia as the education required to become a Wizard is beyond most cultures. The only sorcerous origin available is Wild Magic; the Draconic Bloodline path is unavailable.


The Terracopia setting does not have demons, devils, angels, or any other kind of "otherworldly" beings other than the "gods". The only beings who will grant power do so only to clerics and paladins. This class is unavailable.


No changes required.


Given the nature of Terracopia's cosmology, certain spells simply do not exist. Spells that allow travel or transport to other planes of existence simply do not work or exist. Spells that draw power from other planes (such as the plane of shadow or the elemental planes) draw their power from Terracopia itself. Elementals are pulled from the prime plane.


Terracopia is filled with all manner of beasts and monsters. However, not everything in the Monster Manual exists, and some things have changed drastically. It is easier to say what doesn't exist than what does in some cases.

Creatures that Do Not Exist

See List of Monsters that Do Not Exist



Terracopian Dragons are something completely different. They are not divided into colors or alignments. Even the youngest is more powerful than most player characters can handle. Treat them as oracles, not as stat blocks.

Fey Creatures

All fey creatures are servants of or exist because of the Old Gods.


Minotaurs are a proud, desert-dwelling species that are numerous in the southern islands. They are intelligent and have cultures and civilizations.


All genies should be thought of as servants of one (or more) of the gods. They are extremely rare.


In Terracopia, giants are called Thoin (their name for themselves). They are territorial but peaceful and are more interested in philosophy than crunching bones.


Dinosaurs are plentiful in the southern island jungles.

Importing Characters from Other Settings

This cannot happen. There are no gates to other planes because other planes do not exist.